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What exactly does Salesforce Marketing Cloud do?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the platform (or “Cloud”) used by Salesforce for marketing automation and customer engagement (SFMC). It is a SaaS platform with various additional at-cost add-ons that further improve functionality in addition to four “basic versions” of different complexity. If we briefly review its past, we can see that Salesforce did not initially develop the SFMC’s core. This is relevant since, on sometimes, the word “ExactTarget” is still used in discussions of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Salesforce also acquired Pardot, which ExactTarget had previously purchased, as part of the same deal. In contrast to ExactTarget, which was more focused on B2C marketing, Pardot was first developed as a B2B marketing automation technology for SMBs. Within the Salesforce ecosystem, Pardot is still in use. It wasn’t changed to be a Salesforce “Cloud” product, and it wasn’t combined with or added to SFMC/ExactTarget. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a marketing platform with the capacity to support a wide range of marketing activities, such as the execution of multi-channel campaigns, dynamic customer journeys, pre- and post-campaign analytics, audience building and segmentation, social media engagement and advertising, and a platform for data management. The “Studios” and “Builders:” components of salesforce marketing cloud training are used for this. Communication channels are controlled and interacted with in “studios.” In SFMC, this includes the Email Studio, Social Studio, and Mobile Studio. “Builders” on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform are in charge of managing data, content, and customer journeys. They are not compelled to use them, even if the Studios commonly do (e.g., Analytics Builder).

Their course outline:

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Training with qualified trainers with 10+ years of experience gives you an advantage by utilising the different skill sets necessary to work on Salesforce products. The Salesforce marketing cloud is a platform created to support various stages of marketing. Using Studio & Builder, which are viewed as components, they complete each stage. In the online course on Salesforce Marketing Cloud, all essential Studio and Builder tools—including Email Studio, Content Builder, Analytics Builder, Web Studio, etc.—are covered in their entirety. You can earn several Salesforce certifications to aid in your professional advancement by paying attention to their specialists’ suggestions. Get training from them and 24-hour support based on the curriculum you select. Get in touch with them to learn more and to explore Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s capabilities.

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