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5 Reasons Students Prefer BITS Pilani Over IITs

BITS Pilani and top IITs are popular choices among students seeking a career in engineering, science and technology. Most industry experts suggest that old IITs and BITs Pilani share the same status in terms of the educational experience that they offer to the students. However, when it comes to new IITs, students prefer to choose BITS Pilani over IITs. Read this article to know about the top reasons why students are most likely to choose and study in BITS Pilani these days.

Since the first Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) was established in Kharagpur in 1951, IITs have been acclaimed as the country’s top engineering colleges. In 1964, the Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) Pilani was established. It has accompanied the IITs to make India proud of technological education all over the world. The courses offered by BITS Pilani are B.E in Mechanical, manufacturing, M.E in mechanical engineering, manufacturing systems engineering, design engineering, and doctoral courses.

5 Reasons Students Prefer BITS Pilani Over IITs

Academic Environment and Extra-curricular activities

BITS Pilani outperforms IITs in terms of campus ambience and the college experience. There are hostels, libraries, and a well-designed campus on the BITS Pilani campus. Additionally, it offers a novel idea that allows students to receive tutorials from numerous teachers. Moreover, the cultural event, Grubs is well-liked by engineering students because it lets students taste the delicacies from diverse parts of the nation.


In general, the campuses of BITS Pilani and IIT both have excellent infrastructure. But many of the newest IITs lack even permanent campuses of their own. Many of them are struggling with severe infrastructure and faculty shortages. BITS has a small number of well-established campuses, and it is famous for routinely upgrading its top-notch infrastructure in order to stay up with technological advancements.

Collaborations and Partnerships

In 1964, the Indian Parliament passed an act creating BITS Pilani as a Deemed to Be University. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston, USA, and the BITS Pilani collaborated during the Institute’s early years. It embraced the semester system, modular course design, ongoing internal evaluation, letter grading, and other similar practises. Additionally, it established connections with the business world, which led to the development of “Practice School” as an organised element of education.

Excellent Faculty

When it comes to attracting outstanding teachers from India and abroad, BITS Pilani is the leader. It gives its teaching staff higher compensation and more freedom. On the other hand, teacher shortages at various IITs frequently make the news. IITs have launched intensive recruitment campaigns to draw graduates and postdocs from prestigious universities around the world to join them in faculty positions in an effort to address the severe staff shortage. Many brand-new IITs rely on visiting or guest lecturers to run their classes.

Regularly Updated

According to education experts, BITS Pilani reacts to changes in the educational landscape more quickly than IITs. While BITSians are taught in AutoCad for the Engineering Graphics, IIT students continue to study Engineering Drawing.


These are some of the obvious reasons that students choose BITS Pilani over IITs. Whatsoever, you have to make the final decision to choose which institute is better suitable for you. If you want to know more about these colleges and universities in terms of eligibility criteria, admissions, courses, etc, then visit our website CollegeSearch, a global educational platform that connects students, colleges, and alumni.

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